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Performance Facials 

60min – $95 | 45min – $75  | 35min – $65

Clear Skin Facial ( oily to normal skin, especially acne-prone )

Helps to remove congestion and prevent blemishes. Purifies and detoxifies impurities from the skin. Balances, deep cleanses and improves skin texture. Calms and revitalizes.

FIRM SKIN FACIAL ( all skin types especially mature )

Plumps and rejuvenates to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Restores moisture to soften and smooth the skin. Enriches and purifies the layers of the skin both inside and out. Assist to improve collagen and elastin production. Antioxidant-rich to fight future radical damage.

BRIGHT SKIN FACIAL ( all skin types, especially hyperpigmented )

Even the appearance of the skin colour and tone. Restores the skin’s natural brightness and clarity. Strengthens the skin against pigmentation concerns. Anti-oxidant rich to fight further radical damage.

CALM SKIN FACIAL ( all skin types, especially sensitive and sensitized )

Delicious ingredients including chamomile and arnica combine to minimize sins of redness. Detoxifies the skin and rids it of impurities. Reduces inflammation and irritation for more balanced skin.

AGE CORRECTIVE FACIAL ( all skin types concerned with ageing )

Take your skin on a tropical retreat with hydrating coconut cleansers, tonics of exotic neroli and monoi oils, and strengthening bamboo serum as you watch your lines diminish. Get a natural lift and feel instantly refreshed, tighten and smooth as the natural retinol alternative treatment increases collagen and refines the skin.

ARCTIC BERRY PEPTIDE ILLUMINATING FACIAL ( all skin types including sensitive

All the benefits of chemical peel and microdermabrasion treatment using botanical peptides, gardenia stem cells and antioxidant-rich arctic berries. An advanced, professional-grade, 3 step peel helps to revive and balance skin tone, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, reduce pore size and smooth out the texture of the skin

Skin Needling – 45min – $200

DermaPen is a skin micro-needling treatment with minimum downtime which promotes scarless healing and natural collagen production in the skin to improve the appearance of scars, acne scarring, stretch marks, wrinkles, pigmentation, and rejuvenate the skin.

Micro-Dermabrasion – 45min – $85

Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive procedure used to renew overall skin tone and texture. It can improve the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne scarring, melasma, and other skin-related concerns and conditions

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Wax and Tinting


Women’s waxing

Eyebrow $22

Lip or chin or sideburns $15

Eyebrow and lip  $30

Eyebrow, lip and chin  $36

Eyebrow, lip, chin, sideburns  $46

Full leg  $60

Full leg and Bikini  $65

3/4 leg  $40

Half leg $30

Bikini(pant line)  $25

G-string  $40

Brazilian $60

Underarm $25

Forearm  $30

Full arm $40

Full leg and Brazilian  $99

Half leg and Brazilian $80

Eyelash and eyebrow

Henna Brows  $30

Henna brows and Wax  $50

Eyelash tint  $23

Eyebrow tint  $18

Eyelash tint and eyebrow tint  $37

Eyebrow wax and eyelash tint  $40

Eyebrow wax and eyebrow tint  $37

Eyelash tint, eyebrow wax and eyebrow wax  $50

Eyelash lift  $60

Eyelash lift and tint  $85

Eyelash lift and tint and eyebrow wax  $100

Men’s waxing

Full back and shoulders  $55

Chest and stomach  $55

Full leg  $90

Full arm $55

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Hands, Feet and Makeup


Hands and feet

Petite Pedicure  $50

Petite Manicure  $45

Buff and polish  $20


Professional make up no lashes  $85

Professional make up with lashes  $95

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Is the treatment safe?
Yes, it is very safe. Some people may experience mild reddening of the treatment area for a day or two after treatment, but other complications are rare. In the case of photo rejuvenation pigmented lesions can become darker and form a superficial scab which can take around two weeks to come away. The Intense Pulsed Light system delivers energy to the skin very gently. Plus, the treatment head extracts heat from the skin during each pulse of light for maximum protection.

Does it hurt?
No. The light is selectively absorbed by the hair and hair follicles. The skin itself is exposed to very little heat. It feels like a rubber band flicking or pin prick.

How long does the hair stay gone?
Results are long lasting. Nearly all hair can be removed from a pair of legs for up to three months or from the face for up to one to two months. Some hair may never return at all. The exact amount of time that the hair stays gone depends on the area being treated, and individual hair and skin factors.

How many treatments will I need?
You may require from 5 to 10 treatments plus possible maintenance treatments depending on your hair growth. Visible hair is treated during the first treatment and this permanently removes only the follicles in the anagen (active) stage of the hair growth cycle. The follicles in the telogen (dormant) stage are not affected by Intense Pulsed Light but will become active again. This is why you need to undertake a series of visits.

Can all areas be treated?
Yes, except the eyebrows. Also it is not effective on white or grey hair.

What happens if I want to start treatment?
When you call to make an appointment we will first make a booking a consultation. If the technician is satisfied that Intense pulse light treatment is right for you she will perform a test patch in the treatment area. You can begin your course of treatments within two days of the initial consultation.

Does my hair have to be a certain length before I can get treated?
There is no need to let hair grow out before you remove it. Light penetrates beneath the skin to reach the hair follicles.

How does Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal compare with waxing?
Intense pulsed light hair removal is more comfortable, produces longer-lasting results, and can treat hair before it becomes visible. Additionally, hair grows back more slowly after intense pulsed light treatments and is thinner and lighter in color.

How does it work?
A hand piece is placed on the skin and a bright flash of broad-spectrum light is emitted. The wavelengths chosen are easily absorbed by melanin, which is the color in the hair. The light is transmitted through skin tissue, and is absorbed by the root of the hair within the skin. Heat is produced which radiates out into the follicle wall destroying the cells so hair regrowth is impared. Only a few treatments, at monthly intervals usually are needed to obtain stunning results. Unlike other methods of hair removal, you don’t have to have hair showing before having treatment. It is very quick, virtually painless and no redness or skin reaction to worry about.

I have some unsightly sunspots what can I do about them?
This is where Intense Pulsed Light systems are superior to lasers, as they can offer many types of treatment. Intense Pulsed Light utilizes a range of wave lengths [laser has only a single wavelength], which enables it to respond to hair color, small red blood vessels and pigmentation irregularities in the skin due to sun damage. The hand piece is placed on the skin over the sunspots or other pigmentation and a bright flash of light is released. This light is absorbed by the pigmented area, which will go even darker over the next few hours. The area will look a bit ‘dirty’ or dark for up to two weeks, then it will slough off leaving clear fresh new skin. Often only after one treatment you will see a stunning difference. This treatment is very effective for those aging, unsightly-looking sunspots on hands, but is excellent for irregular pigmentation on face, neck and décolletages.

I continually get ingrown hairs on my bikini line from waxing. What can I do about them?
Ingrown hairs are a very common problem but you will not have this problem if you use Intense Pulsed Light.

Can I get rid of acne?
Yes the intense pulse light system gives amazing clearance of acne. The light wave lengths will kill bacteria and also reduce large pore size all while helping to heal and clear scarring. You will notice the difference after just one treatment but a course of 5 treatments is recommended for optimum clearance.

How does it work for rosacea and red broken capillaries?
The beam of light is attracted to the blood trapped in broken capillaries and coagulates the blood allowing it to be absorbed back into the body. This is an extremely effective treatment to clear redness from the skin even on the most sensitive of skins with rosacea. You will notice a difference after just one treatment but a course of treatments will give optimum results.

IPL hair reduction
Top lip POA
Chin POA
Top lip and Chin POA
Beard POA
Neck front or back POA
Centre Eyebrow POA
Under arms POA
Forearms POA
Wholearms female POA
Wholearms male POA
Breast(areola) POA
Chest POA
Abdomen POA
Chest and Abdomen POA
Shoulders POA
Half Back POA
Full back POA
Bikini POA
Ext Bikini POA
Brazillian POA
Full Buttocks POA
Full Leg POA
Upper Leg POA
Lower Leg POA
Feet and Toes POA

IPL skin rejuvenation
Full face POA
Half Face POA
Face and Neck POA
Decolletage POA
Back of Hands POA
Cheeks POA
Nose POA
Forearms POA
Whole arm POA

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Spa Body


Swedish relaxing massage

Easing muscle tension, improves circulation and increases oxygen in the blood, this is light touch relaxing massage.

Back, shoulders, neck  – 30min – $50
Full body – 60min – $90

Aromatherapy massage

Includes use of essential oils and a choice of hot stones for deeper relaxation and the easing of tension.

Back, shoulders, neck  – 30min – $55
Full body – 60min – $95

Hot Stone massage

Hot Basalt stones used to relieve muscle tension and pain, reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Back – 30min – $65

Full Body – 60min – $110

 Indian Scalp massage

 Deeply stimulating treatment for scalp, can relieve headaches

30min – $55

The Gift of Love – 120 min – $199
The perfect gift of love! Feel rejuvenated head to toe with a full body hot stone and aromatherapy massage and Indian head massage. Followed by customised facial to uplift your skin, finishing off with sound healing. You will leave feeling loved up and blissful! Perfect gift to indulge your senses and relax your nervous system and ease tension.

The Gift of Surrender – 90 min – $145

Treat your skin with our deep cleansing facial, microdermabrasion, lash tint and paraffin on your hands and feet to make them supple and soft. Adding deep relaxation with sound healing makes this a deeply nourishing and relaxing experience.

The Gift of Zen – 60min – $95

Feeling time poor? Enjoy our 45-minute refresher facial, and a scalp massage to clear your mind of worries. Includes lash or brow tint for a quick pick me up.

Indulgence Package – 90min – $135

Customised facial to give you that perfect glow, mini pedicure (foot scrub, buff shape, and polish) and lash tint and brow shape to complete the look so that you can leave here feeling great! Perfect treatment to feel pampered head to toe!

Detoxify Me  – 90min – $165

Full body exfoliation followed by deeply nourishing moisturiser, deep tissue back massage and 1hour facial. Especially suited those who are muscle sore and fatigued, this stimulating treatment will deeply cleanse, detoxify, and balance your entire system.

Rejuvenate Time – 90min – $155
Full body exfoliation followed by a relaxing massage with hydrating cream to your body. Laying of hot stones to your back for deeper relaxation and Indian head massage to rejuvenate your scalp and hair. The perfect package to unwind, relax and detox all at the same time!

Back treatment – 45min – $70

This is simply facial for your back. Double cleanse, exfoliation, masque, and moisture protection. Great for problematic or dehydrated skin.

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Angelic Reiki Session (Reiki with Sound Therapy) – 60 minutes $90

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

Find your balance by restoring deep relaxation during the angelic healing session you will leave feeling CALM, feeling PEACE, feeling JOY.

Birthing with love – 90 minutes $150

A single session to help you feel calm and confident about your birth and pregnancy and your choices relating to birthing and parenting.

HypnoBirthing classes – 5 sessions $700 (including Hypnobirthing book and audios)

a method of managing pain and anxiety during childbirth, involving various therapeutic relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing and visualization.

2-3 hrs per session in person or by zoom.


Are you ready to take your life to the next level but not sure where to start? These sessions are designed to help you discover how to get more out of life and live with joy and purpose no matter what you are currently facing.

1 power session – 60min – $150

3 months  elevate my life package – $999

All therapies are offered by Veronika Scurr.

Veronika has been working with women over 20 years. Some of her qualifications include diploma of Naturopathy, HypnoBirthiing, Reiki master and Lifestyle Coaching.

For further questions contact Veronika on: 0403 876 861

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Dear Customers,​

It is very important to us to keep everyone safe, as in clients and therapists alike therefore we have implemented the following plan:

  • ​We will have only 1 client per 4 square metres including staff, up to a maximum of 10 clients at any one time in our salon.
  • We request that if you feel unwell in any way that you reschedule your appointment. Your responsibility to keep others safe is as important as ours.
  • All staff have completed a COVID-19 Infection Control certification.
  • We have removed books & magazines from waiting areas to reduce the potential for infection of clients.
  • All equipment will be sanitized or sterilized according to regulations.
  • We will wear gloves on treatments that always require gloves. We will wear gloves for cleaning as well.
  • We ask you not to touch testers without a therapist with you.
  • We have clearly displayed conditions of entry on our entrance, website and social media platforms.
  • We are encouraging the download of the COVID-safe app.

Condition of entry is given with mutual respect and kindness.

We thank you for your ongoing support. Together, being mindful of the above we can stop the spread and get back to living life.